“DREAMLAND” by Rosa Rankin – Gee

In a dystopian “near” future, the inequalities are reaching their paroxysm. 

Paid to “relocate” to a desolated version of Margate, Chance and her family settle there as best as they could. 

Amid a life of drugs, abuse and theft, Chance finally meets a girl her own age from London: Francesca aka Franky. Falling under her spell, Chance even introduces her to Davey, her best friend, and Blue, the sweet little boy that is the ray of sunshine of her family. 

As their relationship evolves the world around them unravels, with rumors of extremism seeping through the government politics getting increasingly potent. 

Climate change is bringing dangerous tides and waves that could well be sinking the coastal towns, and so called humanitarians start interfering in the community’s affairs; 

A poignant, cleverly written book where Rosa Rankin-Gee is sounding the alarm. An eye-opening story showing us what could be the future if we do not act against inequalities, extremism and climate change. This book also makes you appreciate what you have in life and that you can easily take for granted. 

Thank you Net Galley and Simon & Schuster for granting my request to read the advance e-copy. 

Available to pre-order – publication date 15 April 2021 (by Simon & Schuster UK Ltd)

CW: drug use, sex, violence, death. 




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